Dr. Feelgood

Hey, Dr. Feelgood:angry
Why does he prefer having solo sex watching porn than having sex with me?
B.K. on the South Side
Because porn sex is effortless sex.
He can turn on his computer and be treated to millions of different images, focusing on hundreds of different themes, to suit every taste and every mood.
There's no judgment, no embarrassment if his erections aren't as strong as they used to be, he's never bored, and it can be all over in four minutes – start to finish.
Having sex with you requires being nice in and out of bed, being sexually skilled and you wanting sex the same time as he does and the same type of sex.
Tell him, calmly, that you know he watches porn and say you want to know what appeals to him most about it.
Take your cue from there.
Hey, Dr. Feelgood:frown
I'm gonna be 38 this year and still can't last. What gives?
B.B. in North County
Sexual science has a name for your condition: It's "premature ejaculator," and it's every bit as chic as it sounds. Doctors now suspect that premature ejaculation might serve some sort of evolutionary advantage. The quicker you come, the safer you are, the more you can reproduce, and then you can go on to the next woman. Now there's something to brag about in the locker room!
Hey, Dr. Feelgood:kiss
I don't like giving head. Any advice?
A.D. in the Central West End
It's usually for one of three reasons: he's a bit smelly, you gag or don't like swallowing.
Solve the smell problem by having a shower together first or saying 'I'm just off to wash up so I'm all fresh for you' and hope he'll take the hint.
Or bring a warm flannel and say 'Let's give him a little wash', remembering to pull back the foreskin if he's uncircumcised.
Change your position and technique so you have control.
Get him to stand in front of you while you sit on the bed facing him and always use one hand to control his penis so it’s up to you how deeply you take him into your mouth.
If he pushes your head down, tell him you'll stop if he ever does it again.
If you don't want to swallow, you’re going to have to get over it if you want to make your man happy. Swallow and continue stimulating him with your hand.
The whole 'deep throat' thing is actually important: most feeling is in the shaft not the head of the penis.
Hey, Dr. Feelgood:surprisebroken heart
I’m 19 and my boyfriend is 46 and he cheated. How do we get past it?
L.C. on the North Side

It is possible to repair your relationship after an affair. First, the partner who cheated must cut off all communication with the ex-lover, and make it clear that he or she is recommitting to the marriage. And the unfaithful spouse should be completely honest about his or her indiscretion, but refrain from sharing too many gory details. Next up: Therapy — a couples' counselor can help you find out what led to the infidelity and figure out how to rebuild the relationship.
But more importantly, let the injured party vent, rant, or cry for 10 minutes a day, while the unfaithful spouse listens and accepts the hurt he or she has caused. The more the wounded spouse expresses their hurt, the more they feel validated and heard, and the lighter the emotional burden becomes making moving on seem possible.

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