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 Starlet J. Howie, a/k/a “Star Oettle,” and “Star Miller,” 49, of Sparta, Illinois, has been sentenced to 192 months in federal prison for her role in a methamphetamine conspiracy, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, Steven D. Weinhoeft, announced today. Howie previously pleaded guilty to a one-count indictment charging her and nine others with conspiracy to distribute more than 50 grams of methamphetamine. 

The indictment alleged that the offense occurred between 2015 and April 2017, in Perry, Randolph, Monroe, and St. Clair Counties. Evidence at the plea and sentencing hearings established that Howie was involved with numerous other persons in the distribution of ice. Ice is methamphetamine, which has a purity level of at least 80%. At sentencing, the district court found that Howie was responsible for the distribution of approximately 22.7 kilograms of ice. She also received an enhanced sentence for obstructing justice during the investigation. 

Howie was the tenth and final co-defendant sentenced in this case. Previously sentenced co-defendants were Jeremy J. Humphries (235 months); Garrick E.R. Recker (188 months); Derek L. Sumpter (188 months); Rodney V. Howie (174 months); Jeremy S. Copple (168 months); Paige M. Gleghorn (140 months); Jordan P. Leggans (135 months); Daniel M. Dortch (120 months); and Mandy L. Hagen (84 months). 


The investigation was conducted by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Perry County Sheriff’s Office, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Drug Tactical Unit, Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Southern Illinois, Chester Police Department, Coulterville Police Department, Belleville Police Department, Lenzburg Police Department, Perry County (Missouri) Sheriff’s Office, and Drug Enforcement Administration. The Randolph County States Attorney’s Office and the Monroe County States Attorney’s Office also assisted in the investigation. 




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