Cort VanOstran Voice for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

K.Gerard Thomas

There are moments in history when a leader rises to an occasion that requires taking on what some may consider a difficult battle to win, especially when it comes to politics, but taking on insurmountable odds is nothing new to Cort VanOstran his back ground from childhood to adult has prepared him for his latest challenge as a 30-year-old Democratic candidate for congress representing the 2nd district of Missouri. Cort is running against a three time elected incumbent Ann Wagner who is a GOP insider if ever there was one, she has held office since 2013 and prior to that she served as a United States Ambassador to Luxembourg from 2005-2009.

She was also a chair of the Missouri Republican Party for six years and the Co-chair of the National Republican Committee for four years. To some this may seem to be an uphill battle especially during a midterm election when statistic have proven in the past there is a large generational gap between older and younger voters and building a large voter base for an off year election is difficult if not almost impossible until now. We are in the age of Trump and an unpopular Congress very little has been accomplished in Washington since the election of Donald Trump as the GOP supreme leader this is not just politics as usual (God I wish we could get that back again) now our nation is divided in a time not since I can remember except the late 1960s.

Voices of reason have to rise to bring us back to civility, as was in the 1960s there was a Bobby Kennedy a Martin Luther King who both rose up with great Ideals that made our nation believe we could rise to the better angels of our nature, Democrats and Republicans did not see each other as the enemy but that was a different time. I believe Cort VanOstran to be one such leader who brings a fresh appeal to what is best for Missouri and those who live in and out of the 2nd district, he believes in the principals of representing those who don’t have platform of power but need someone who will speak on their behalf.

The issues that are most important to the voter is accessibility to their representative, will they stand and fight for the concerns that are most important to their constituents?  Will they fight to protect medicare, medicaid,  social security and the Affordable Care Act? If a voter can find one thing that is vital to them that the candidate can relate too it should be health insurance, we all need it and many can’t afford it. Cort recently lost his mother to breast cancer I recently lost my brother to liver cancer which if he had better health care I believe he may still be alive today. I have other family memebers who are autistic and or struggle with mental health issues where was what did Ann Wagner do to assist my family or your family voted to repeal the ACA. 

The choice for who is the better candidate is as simple as a google search, Ann Wagner is rich according to Open Secrets. Org Center for Responsive Politics Ann Wagner’s net worth was almost 9 million dollars in 2015, that is just her net worth combined with her husband it is probably much more so does the average voter have millions to liquidate for medical cost? This is where the rubber hits the road, sad to say the Republican Party is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and even Richard Nixon who started the Environmental Protection Agency. The current GOP leaders only care about how much wealth they can attain for themselves and their family, they don’t care if we live or die or our loved ones live or die “We the People” are not their concern.

They can afford to pay their medical bills but their constituents can’t. Congress is paid $174,000 a year and the question most are asking why do they get paid so much and accomplish so little, congress approval rating is at an all-time low, yet we the voter keep voting back into office the same do nothing congressmen and women and expect a different result. A Politifact Missouri article by Sten Spinella and Curtis Wu exposed a fact that it is mostly true that Ann Wagner has not had a face to face town hall meeting with her constituents since being elected to office. She has had telephone calls where the question is screened or met with doners and business groups, which technically is not a real town hall as it is described by Webster.

Why would a voter continue to vote back into office a millionaire who refuses to take the time to address their concerns, such as will they be able to keep their health care?, or will Ann Wagner who has voted with Donald Trump 96.7% of the time, she will vote to repeal (and never replace) the Affordable Care Act? That has been a Republican dream and a nightmare to millions of Americans. As a voter in this coming November 6th election you will have to ask what if anything Ann has done to improve educational opportunities for those who struggling to pay off their college loans, or investing in schools. What will Ann do to support sensible gun laws, back ground checks for criminals, what will Ann do to assure an equitable economy for We the People? How will Ann vote on environmental issues that will affect our nation’s future? Cort VanOstran is tangible and has held a series of town halls addressing the concerns of the St. Louis, and the surrounding communities, this is what leadership looks like, Republican candidates are afraid to hear from the people, that is why they hide from us and will never face the real woke voters and for this reason the New Evening Whirl endorses Cort VanOstran for Congress of the Missouri 2nd district.


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