The Betrayal of Justice the Fix Was in, All Along

K Gerard Thomas

On the top of the Supreme Court building reads “Equal Justice under Law” today that seems like a joke just as Vladimir Putin wanted it to be, 2016 with the help of Russia and multiple lies the disenchanted voter options not to vote or vote for a con artist with a criminal background to become the president of the United States.

Now the White House has become a criminal operation that is seeking to destroy our nations vales and democracy and respect for the rule of law, the White House and the presidency is stained and it is occupied by a man who is an international laughing stock and an accused sexual assault suspect.

This president is accused of obstructing justice on more than one occasion, and in his battle with our nation’s top intelligence officials he has marketed a lie that the men and women who are career agents of the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the CIA, are all Deep State corrupted men and women who are out to get him.

His Republican leaders in congress are doing everything in their power to allow Trump to stack the courts, with partisan judges who will give him and his right wing wealthy donors everything they want even if we perish as a democracy that is equitable to all.

What Putin wanted was to destroy America from within this was something that James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and President George Washington warned us about, but we did not listen, and the and this was even more prevalent during the Civil War and sad to say the final remnant of that war still exists.

The cultural war between those who have, verses those who have not, still remains and now each branch of government is affected by our tribalism.  I saw this growing after the attacks of 9/11, when we became more vulnerable to this self-decay.

We began then to see the cracks in our democracy, and even after we thought we had hope and change with the election of Barack Obama, waiting in the wings was same hate and tribal fear that was willing to doom us all into a verbal civil war.

This same decades old disdain for minorities and women has not gone away, now our latest Supreme Court nomination of Bret Kavanagh a man who was accused by credible witness of sexual assault and inappropriate acts is now the standard for wealthy white male privilege.

Women today as woke as they are is still considered to be second class citizens to those wealthy white men who wield the gauntlet of power, they don’t give a damn about change they just want power and money and the country and “We the People “can drop dead.

The battle for the soul of the United States continues we are challenged like never before to prove to ourselves that the experience of our democracy can with stand this Constitutional Crisis that will haunt us for decades to come if we do nothing, we can’t afford to be short sighted but realize some battles will be won by those wicked men but the war continues.  


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