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Why is it that every time a black man is killed by a police officer, the police department and media outlets try to find anything possible to make the victim look aggressive or inhumane. Botham Shem Jean was shot and killed by officer Amber Guyger after she seemed to wander into the wrong apartment. An apartment that had a distinctive red welcome mat in front of the door, unlike hers. This officer has given two different stories about why she pulled the trigger on this innocent man, yet she’s free to walk and live her life. Now after the shooting took place, police issued search warrants to search Jean’s home and they decided to let the world know that they found a small amount of marijuana. Now comments have went from “Omg how could she do this” to “Wow, he does drugs” or “Knew he wasn’t such an angel.” Criminalizing the victim doesn’t help to build police/community relationships. It continues to make you look like bullies, heartless and quite pathetic. Stop trying to protect your own who do wrong and start protecting those you took the oath for-THE PEOPLE! Also those black Dallas police officers need to stand up and let us know if they are in the house or field.


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