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1. St. Louis City DA Jeniffer Joyce put her neck out for a dirty cop, Officer Stokley (Anthony Lamar Smith Killer) and lost her job or quit her job because she didn’t have what it takes to convict a cop. St. Louis County DA Bob McCullochh lost his job because he stuck his neck out for a dirty cop and didn’t want to convict Officer Wilson (Mike Brown Killer). Now we have Big Bad Kim Gardner who aint playing with none of these dirty cops or pigs in mud. It’s a damm shame that so many innocent people are locked up over bad cops’ free casing them by planting drugs, guns, lying on reports and messing with evidence. Big Bad Kim refuses to roll over and take a blinded eye like past DA’s and lovers of white sheets. Have you ever tripped off how the mayor, DA and the assistant DA’s all left or quit their positions right after the Jason Stockly verdict. I really wish they release the list of the dirty cops to the public and tell what they did, but they probably won’t due to lawsuits. Also, what’s sad is white people think that Kim is picking on cops just like she did towards our lustful previous governor, Freaky G. Kim Gardner aint up for playing games with Hayden and his henchmen, she’s trying to do something about bad racist dirty lying cops. Let’s give a round of applause to the good cops who tuned these bad cops in and reported their lowdown dirty actions towards law abiding citizens. 


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