Heather Shoults Visibley Upset'It was my livelihood' | Mom of 5 carjacked on her way to work
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"Scared that I'm not going to come home to my kids," she recalled. "All I was doing was going to work trying to provide for my kids."  Heather Shoults said as the gun barrel pressed into her side, the faces of her five children flashed through her mind. It was around 8:30 p.m. Thursday at a Quick Trip gas station near Hanley Road and Interstate 170, a busy intersection barely after dark. Shoults was headed to her overnight shift as a home healthcare worker when she stopped for gas. She said when the other cars pulled away and left her as the only person at the pumps, two teenagers rushed her with a gun. "The guy was nervous which made me more nervous because I was afraid he was going to shoot me," said Shoults. She said she told the teens she had no money on her, but they didn't seem to care. They took her car along with her purse, phone and so much more. "Whoever did this you just didn't steal my car. It was my livelihood. Money for bills, food, my kids’ shoes, book bags," said Shoults. Shoults called police and about eight hours later they spotted her car. St. Louis County Police said it took a high-speed chase to stop the driver. He's in custody and they are still looking for the other suspect. Shoults still doesn't have her car which she said she needs to be able to work. And that's not all she's missing – a sense of security for herself and her kids. "I'm afraid now to even go to the gas station," she said through tears. "I just don't know where to go from here." Police said the young man they arrested in Heather's car was only 14 years old. No word on any charges yet or any info about the other suspect.


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