Stranger Fruit of Justice Denied Remembering Michael Brown Jr.

K Gerard Thomas

It was four years ago on a hot day in Ferguson that a recently graduate son, brother and loved nephew was gunned down in the street by one who was sworn to protect and serve but decided to be judge, jury and executioner of Michael Brown Jr. whose only crime was walking in the middle of the street.


Young black lives don’t; appear to matter to some especially those who do not know or interact with our community, they like the music, food, our athletic abilities but do not see black men and women as human being’s worthy of the same hopes and dreams they want for their children.


The Evening Whirl covered all the activities in Ferguson back in 2014, we even had an on the scene reporter who was able to report on activities as they happened, we shared in the sadness and frustration at how slanted the criminal justice system appeared before the nation and the world.   


In a recent documentary titled “Stranger Fruit” which is currently running on Starz channel tells a different story of what happened on the night before Mike Brown was shot multiple times by officer Darren Wilson. The film which aired at a film festival in 2017 was written and directed by Jason Pollock and features interviews with Brown's lawyers and family, including mother Lezley  McSpadden and father Michael Brown Sr.


Jason Pollock like an abolitionist of old spoke up for Mike and made it clear his film was to get to the bottom of the truth putting his career on the line to expose what appears to be a cover-up of the truth by those who could care less about the lives of black men and women. 

 "The way Mike Brown was killed and the ensuing events after his death in Ferguson changed our culture forever," said the director. "In a time where racism is so rampant, it's vital that we reexamine the story of Mike Brown to understand the real facts." 

We pray that Justice for all will be the obtained especially by those men and women who have to contend with America’s constant battle against racial harmony, for those who were the badge and put their lives on the line, empathy, and care for all citizens is all the community wants.

To the law makers and stewards of justice the community wants the same rights as you and your families, they also want to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race…is that possible?  


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