2018 San Diego Comic Con Brings Back Old Friends and New Foes

Aquaman, Venom, Wonderwoman IIBat Girl Cosplay
K Gerard Thomas

San Diego Comic Con is a four-day event that opens the door to a sneak peek into the coming years most anticipated films, especially Super Hero films as well as other television, and motion picture, cable, streaming projects just to name a few. 


The highlights of the most popular of the comic cons can be seen on you tube and it is filled with interviews, cos players, introduction to new toys as well as the media events all across San Diego.  


The history of the con goes back to 1970s when it was more science fiction driven than just comic books, it was not until Star Trek fans bka as Trekkies decided to host their own conventions and pay for celebrities to come and sit on a panel, answer questions, sign autographs and take pictures with their fans that a movement was a foot.


In the early 1990s comic book stores were the main vendors at any comic con but by 2009 that ended as Hollywood began to take over, and now the comic book collector looking for an old issue of Detective Comics no 38 (first appearance of Robin the Boy Wonder) was swept aside now that Hollywood has hijacked the con.   


Comic Con has launched careers of YouTube celebrities like Oliva Munn (“Psylocke X- Men Apocalypse”) who got her start on a cable comic book program and went from being the interviewer of celebrities at Comic Con to becoming the interviewee.


“Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman) was reunited on stage with many of the cast from the hit show, to celebrate 10-year anniversary since the AMC show first aired, the fans loved it when Paul walked on stage with his baby son wearing a yellow hazmat costume.  


A panel will discuss the upcoming DC Comics /Warner Bros films Aquaman and Wonder Woman II, which appear to be a much needed reboot for the characters after their last appearance in the Justice League film which did not fare so well at the box office.


Marvel / Disney motion picture have broken the box office multiple times and outperformed all expectations, as they are preparing to announce their next phase of comic book movie’s, DC and Warner Bros is still in search of a hit post the Dark Knight franchise. 


One of the exciting parts of Comic Con is the Cosplayers who for four days appear to take over the entire down town while wearing outlandish costumes and can be found in restaurants and bars for miles around the city.  


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