The Electoral College Let the Nation Down and It May Take Decades to Recover from Their Mistake.

K Gerard Thomas

I remember during that sad depressing time in November 2016 after Donald Trump was elected by the electoral college the only hope our nation had was to try and convince 270 or more Electors to not cast their ballots for Donald Trump, but instead for Hillary Clinton or even for Ohio Governor John Kasich.  


Every day since Trump was elected has been a sad day for women, minorities, Muslim, military, the middle class, the working poor, the poor, small business, now farmers and manufactures are losing because of his tariff war, wildlife, infrastructure, the rule of law, the Constitution, law enforcement both local and federal, trade unions, education, the environment, our NATO alliances, our national defenses, our intelligence defenses, voting rights.      


Ten electors 9 Democrats and 1 Republican wrote a letter to James Clapper the Director of National Intelligence to request a briefing regarding the evidence that the Russian Government meddled in our election. They were right to not vote for Trump unfortunately the push back by the Democrats was tepid to say the least, bottom line clearest thinking cognitive patriotic voters were in shock.


Trump ended up receiving 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton's 227. Seven other electors voted for other candidates, which cost Trump two votes and Clinton four, Trump lost the popular vote by more than 2 percentage point to Clinton which is 3 million votes more than Trump.


With the knowledge that Russia attacked our nation with possible help from within it was not enough to convince the majority of the electors to cast their votes for a legitimate candidate. If just 36 electors decided country was more important than party our nation and the world would feel much safer.


The depression some feel today is real, say what you want about the Obama administration

they were not bullet ridden with daily scandals filled with lies after lies, and it seems to never stop from the bottom to the top. The issues with Obama was he didn’t like getting down and dirty, he had class and for eight years he was called every negative name in the book but kept his composure.  


When you look back on the Obama years there were good things that happened, if you google president Obama’s many accomplishments you will find find a laundry list of well-meaning acts of good will for the nation, and we did not have to wake up every morning wondering in fear what has the president done or tweeted that makes us less safe today, or who is he attacking now?


Today we are bombarded with nothing but negative news about our nations commander and chief, while Obama was seen as a loving husband and father, who knew how to communicate with children in and out of congress and allowed his daughters to have two dogs Bo and Sunny.


Trust Fund Don has zero pets and is not very kind to children he is distant from his family and most definitely his nation, yet for some scary reason the only person Trump appears to trust more than our patriotic men and women who serve in law enforcement and intelligence community is Russian President Vladimir Putin who is our nations sworn enemy and is still attacking us as I write, thanks again electoral college for giving us this gift…. NOT! 


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