Donald Trump’s Trail of Tears & Fears

K Gerard Thomas

The plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” she wrote. “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me; I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


The Statue of Liberty’s light has been turned off by the Trump administration Donald Trump will go down in history for being the most inhumane president since Andrew Jackson, whom Trump claims is his favorite past president, and like Jackson Trump is leaving thousands into a trail of tears.


Fear and Terror in Children Is a Deterrent?


He never apologizes for his actions, no matter how vile, he and his administration seem to take pride in hurting people they are a cabal of evil self-serving, racist, who offer zero positivity to the nation only fight against civility and the spirit of what America used to represent.  


Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice, Kristjen Nielsen Director of the Department of Homeland Security, and White House Advisor to the president Stephan Miller all made a concerted effort to hide this information from the nation regarding the missing children. 


 Sessions implemented a policy change to all prosecutors along the southern borders to "adopt a zero-tolerance policy immediately" for illegal border crossings. That included 100 percent prosecuting of migrants who cross the border. It was this administration's actions of taking the children without any way of connecting them back to their parents to be used as a deterrent to scare anyone from crossing the border. 


His administration’s cruel response to the thousands of migrant undocumented mostly asylum-seeking immigrants is to take away their children and hold them hostage for his border wall.

In 1942 a year after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii an Internment Camp was built to house most west coast Japanese citizens who were considered a risk to the safety of the nation. This, of course, was a lie and an excuse to lock up innocent citizens who were no threat this is fearfully similar.  


A Sound Is Worth a Thousand Words


A tape of children crying for their families was leaked to the press and was played by every news outlet except all the right wing stations who adore Trump, the Republican response is deafening, some Trump supporter think this is much ado about nothing remember Trump can shoot a person in the middle of 5th avenue and not lose their support.   


There are reports that the detention centers would not allow anyone to touch the children or to comfort them some were sedated and given psychotropic drugs to calm down.  Some clinical psychiatrist who's looking into the well-being of these children, agree this will leave a psychological scar.

 The average Trump supporter see’s what he tells them to see, he learned how to manipulate his poorly educated followers by telling a lie over and over again until that lie sticks.  He calls the people savages or an infestation.


 Before the optics became a severe problem for Trump lawmakers and the press were refused entry to any of the facilities where the children were held.  Leaked photos and audio of children whaling for their families that caused Trump to backpedal on his Final Solution.  


After the public outcry from American’s and the world Trump made a calculated decision to write an executive order to no longer take children from their parents if they cross the border. His new policy is to allow the children to remain with the parents indefinitely while they are in a holding facility in other words jail.


Ever since this story broke the news media has been reporting every deceptive lie told by members of this administration, it is virtually impossible to believe anything that comes out of this White House.


Donald Trump is a habitual liar he cannot help it, it is in his DNA, and he requires anyone working for him to be as big as a liar as he is.  What Trump needs to hold rallies like most dictators is now on his lying tour across the nation to hold a rally so he can brag and lie to his cult members who stroke his fragile ego. 


America is at a severe crossroad in which we as a people have to decide how long will we allow the Republican enablers who all sit in the highest seat of power, to control a new narrative of hate and racist fear before the world, who once looked to America as a beacon of hope come November we will see. 



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