Voting Rights Stripped Again by Supreme Court

K Gerard Thomas

As our nation begins to focus on the upcoming midterm elections in November, it’s imperative that we reeducate ourselves on why voting is so important to our future, especially in the minority communities.

June 11, 2018 our nations voting rights took a turn for worst. The United States Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 decision that voters can be purged from voter rolls in the state of Ohio which will no doubt start a ripple effect in other Republican controlled states. 

The case of Larry Harmon a voter who decided to sue Ohio for removing him from the voter roll because he chose not to vote in two elections, he did not vote in 2012 and sat out the midterm elections, afterwards but two in 2016 he wanted to vote against the legalization of marijuana. Harmon discovered he was no longer registered, he was purged from the rolls for not voting in two consecutive elections. 

The state also allegedly sent out a post card to confirm to his residence, he lived in the right to vote," said the navy veteran. "Whether I use it or not is up to my personal discretion. They don't take away my right to buy a gun if I don't buy a gun." 

This ruling has already stirred up voting rights advocates now there is an even greater need to educate the voter on how to register and assure they have all the proper identification way ahead of time, this is especially true for college students, elderly, and minority voters who are the targets of those who want them purged because they tend to lean more democratic.

 If the voter is not sure if they are on the voter roll they should check or reregister especially if they have moved, our attending an out of state college. This is more serious than some think due to the fact that the Russian hacking of the 2016 election has not ended which our intelligence agencies have recently stated.

How do we protect our right to vote?

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations the largest union in America posted an online instruction on voting it originally ran for the 2016 election. In some states, voting laws have changed. Make sure you prepare yourself in advance of the election. Here’s what you need to do and know:

1. Register to Vote ASAP

Many states have registration deadlines long before Election Day, so make sure you don’t miss your state’s deadline. It takes less than two minutes to register to vote online: through the Sectary of States web site, or Rock the Vote, Vote. Gov.  

2. If you are registered already, make sure to verify your registration status. This is especially important if you’ve moved. Do this before your state’s voter registration deadline.

3. Find Your Poling Place look for it ahead of time before Election Day. Sometimes these locations change between elections. (If you cannot look your polling place up in the Rock the Vote tool, click on “Contact Your Local Official” and look up the info there.)

4. Know your know your polling place hours. Make sure to arrive at the polling place before it closes. Keep in mind that if you are in line at the time the place closes, you have the right to vote.

5. Make sure you Know What Type of ID you will need before you vote . Make sure you bring that identification with you, some states require different proofs of Identification find out what your state requires.

6. If you require assistance in voting because you are blind, have a disability, or are unable to read, write or speak English, you have the right to that assistance in the voting booth from a person of your choosing (as long as it is not your employer, an agent of your employer, or an officer or agent of your union).

7. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from people who work at the polls (that’s why they’re there), and check posted information signs if you have questions or need assistance.

8. Vote early.

If you as an American citizen are not happy with how this current administration is running (ruining) our nation the only option, you have to stop their inhumane treatment of other citizens or non-citizens is your Vote. 


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