America Ain’t so Beautiful Right Now

K Gerard Thomas

As a result of Donald Trump’s dislike of people of color racist are coming out the wood work, and social media is capturing them on cell phone camera as they scream and yell or attack nonwhite citizens. 


Why do the recent mass murders or shootings have a link to white identity movements or alt right groups who seem to fill a void for white teenage boys and men who allegedly feel ostracized or bullied by society. Funny thing is Black teens and men are never believed to be bullied or have social anxiety issues that is an alleged white problem.


After a mass shooting by a white male the talk of mental health floods the airwaves, and the same press ask why do these killers need to get a gun and start shooting people, is it because they may not have been given enough hugs as a child?  


What has caught the attention of many especially within the social media sphere is the paralysis of both the local and federal government when confronted how they should address the issue. Many are asking a simple question if these men were black, Latino or Muslim with assault weapons how soon would they be called a terrorist?     


 Unlike "Black Lives Matter" or any recent college protest against racism, the double standard or white privilege appears to be the norm that keeps them from being called terrorist or thugs.



Anti-government separatist recruiting has its roots all the way back to reconstruction post-Civil War period. In 1865-68 federal soldiers were sent to the deep south to assure freed black slaves their rights and protection from Southern sympathizers.   



The fear that the black population would take their land compete for jobs or share all forms of financial equality with White men and women added to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and southern and northern Jim Crow black codes.


The system still exists but disguised in housing discrimination, farmers who do not allow black farmers to purchase land, not hiring black men and women for a posted job because they are holding out for a white woman or another minority that is non-threatening.


They are trying to pick a fight with the government hoping to win over new converts, but the government is slow to wrath and are not falling for the martyr set up.


These organizations jumped on the opportunity to assert their desire for more media attention by heading to a march or protest while they create a faux movement more than likely filled with some obese men in camouflage fatigues and Oakley sunglasses, whose current military highlight is now sitting in a recliner chair playing "Call of Duty and now with the support of the Trump administration who is and the Republican party have found their Fort Sumter, and unless the people who are tired of this trend affecting our nations effort to create more peaceful union this trend will continue at our peril.  


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