Waffle House Hero Raises Money for Victims Hears from President 3 Weeks later.

K Gerard Thomas

If Donald Trump is anything he is very predictable his disdain for anything that’s good in the world knows no bounds, he waited for three weeks before calling the Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr 29. what took Trump so long?


Could it be the fact that James Shaw Jr was a good guy without a gun, who single handedly stopped a bad guy with a gun, and being honest this incident as tragic as it is, it doesn’t fit the National Rifle Association’s mantra and Trump needs them to remain in his little play pen.   


Back Story  


On April 22, 2018 a partially naked gunman wearing a green trench coat walked up to Nashville Tennessee Waffle House in the Antioch neighborhood, he sat in his pickup truck earlier and upon exiting he began firing his AR-15 style rifle fatally shooting two victims outside the restaurant. The white male suspect Travis Jeffrey Reinking 29, then entered the restaurant and shot and killed a third person and fatally wounding a fourth. The fourth victim succumbed to injuries at the Vanderbilt University Hospital. 


James Shaw Jr was positioned near the Waffle House bathrooms as the shots rang out having been grazed by a bullet he then decided to rush the gunman, he wrestled the riffle away from him, after that the gunman fled the scene on foot leaving his AR-15 and ammo.


James Shaw Jr burned his hand when he held the rifle barrel, pulling it from the shooter, four other victims were treated for injuries they sustained during the ordeal.

An APB went out nationally warning that the killer was on the loose and he was considered armed and dangerous, the next day the suspect was witnessed by a construction worker entering a wooded area near the scene of the crime he was soon apprehended by law enforcement.  

According to the arresting officers the suspect was carrying a backpack with a semiautomatic firearm and ammunition, he was no stranger to law enforcement he was arrested by secret service at the White House for trespassing when he refused to stay behind a barrier.  He claimed he needed to speak to President Trump because he was a member of the Sovereign Citizen (White Separatist Militia)

He later Stole a Car from BMW dealer and the car was found at his apartment, but he was not found even though law enforcement knew who he was he still got away

He was given a slap on the wrist fine and community service, he was told to turn in his gun license and his father was allowed to keep the shooters gun collection, which he later gave back to his son and he used one of those guns to commit mass murder (Thanks Dad) no word on if Dad will be also held accountable?

James Shaw Jr. decided to start a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the victims of the Waffle House shooting of which all were a person of color, he was honored as a hero and he has raised over $230,000 dollars.  When I consider all the wasteful spending by members of congress and the multitudes of millions that can be used for mental health issues which this particular shooter appears to possesses.

His motive is not known but many assume he was a Trump supporter who killed one particular group of people black and brown citizens, is he a lone wolf or part of a growing group of White Nationalist who can’t coexist with people of color, it is not known if his father will be charged for giving his son his guns back.

James Shaw Jr. recently met with the Parkland Students who on February 14 were victims of a mass shooting at their high school which sparked an international movement to combat gun violence and take on the NRA and to go after politicians who have an A rating from the NRA.  



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