Kanye West is Gone or is it Just a Marketing Ploy

K Gerard Thomas

Kanye West has not been in the front pages for a while all the latest news has been about his sisters in law and his wife and kids, and then all of a sudden he returns wearing a MAGA hat and makes a totally asinine comment about slavery on TMZ and bam Kanye is relevant again.  


Kanye is being taken to task (Rightfully So) for his comment that “400 years of slavery is a choice”, while on TMZ he also started quoting the Republican narrative that black on black crime is never protested but if a white person kills a black person black people will march and protest.



He had his bouts with the paparazzi even getting violent, he has attack other artist in his interviews and lets not forget his 2009 VMA acceptance speech interruption of Taylor Swift of course the one-time he said something that many felt at the time may had some kernels of truth was in 2005. 


During a Hurricane Katrina live telethon Kanye and Mike Myers (Austin Powers) were to speak to the camera with a scripted comment encouraging people to give to save New Orleans and West decided to go off script he first spoke about the negative images of the black community in New Orleans how blacks are considered looters while whites are just hungry people looking for food.


It was his following statement that garnered the anger and cheers from those who watched the telecast his exact statement was “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People “we all looked at the expression on Mike Myers face and how quick the camera panned back to Chris Tucker it probably is one of the most historical moments in television history.


He later apologized to president Bush and was able to amend his relationship with Swift and the press, but today he may have crossed a line that could forever mark him as unstable, by embracing Donald Trump he may have lost thousands of fans and that is just the tip of the iceberg he’s even got the Crips pissed at him too.


Kanye is being used by Trump and the GOP to give the appearance they like black people and it enables them to see Trump likes Kanye so he is not a racist, never mind all of his racist comments and acts they can point to Kanye as there go to negro.


The mistake we as a society often make is worshiping idols people who don’t deserve to be worshipped, some live off of every word they speak and not realize they are being manipulated thus is the era of Trump.  Kanye West is no stranger to controversy he has committed many acts that can be seen as questionable and he seems to welcome the attention.


In the TMZ interview and rant Kanye was put in his place by one of the most popular host on the show Van Lathan who told Kanye his reality is not the reality of those of us who are attacked by men like Donald Trump just for being black.  Kanye in his last retort he said “He is doing what the universe told him to do” I hope the universe has a place for you because its lonely out there on the edge.  


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