Boys Gone Wild: Busted In The Woods On Robbery & Stupidity

Three whacked people have been arrested after luring a young man into the woods, trying to get him to confess to a rape, and then robbing him at gunpoint. If that wasn't bad enough!
Creepy Nathan Meurer and Jared Pinkley, both 17, are charged  as adults with first-degree robbery, kidnapping and tampering with physical evidence.
Prosecutors threw down bail for each of the little brats, which was set at $50,000, cash only. IN other words, you can't use mommy's trailer or home for bail. You got to have that real cheese to get out. The Whirl so far didn't find any attorneys listed for them in online court records.
A girl also put into juvenile custody. She arranged to meet Friday in Wentzville with a man she accused of raping her. Meurer and Pinkley were waiting, and threatened and robbed the man.
He claims the sexual encounter with the girl was consensual. Was this a case of being suckers into an act, and then there would be a shake down later? We'll find out in St. Charles County Courts, eventually.


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