UPDATED: Gun Club Killer Scotty Joseph Lee, Was On the Lamb, For Coldblooded Ballpark Village Killing; Now Turned Himself In, Looking for Mercy!

ALERT:  ScottY Joseph Lee turned himself in, falling on the prosecutor's mercy. Well, that's the judge and jury, who will determine his next turn in life. Here's his new SLMPD's booking photo!


UPDATED: Today we've learned that the victim who was shot and didn't die, had a long police record. So that bystander crap, wasn't true. St. Louis Police Department needs to tell the media to freak-off, until they have always completed their investigation. As it stands a lot of mostly white people thought they could be victims of a "bystander" bullets. Settle down, everyone! Liek they don't kill in Madison, Jefferson or St. Charles Counties!


#BallparkVillageShooting: This low-life, gun-toting loser shoots one BPV customer and also shoots Mr. Corey Hall in the head, killing the gentleman, while he was celebrating his birthday. How lousy is that? Cops had earlier told the media that neither victim had anything to do with that bum Scott Joseph Lee, who goes between St. Louis and reportedly Texas and is as cool and coldblooded as they come. On Wednesday they said now that Mr. Hall, and the other male victim, apparently knew Scott Joseph Lee. Lee is now a member of our Whirl's Gun Club, and apparently is still deadly and armed. 


Texas is a big state, "Mr. Loser" is on the lamb, this thug needs to be caged, soon before he gets hot-headed again, and starts shooting up another joint.


St. Louis City Cops tell us that warrants were issued against him. If you know something, tell something and keep this punk clown off the streets of any city. Texas Rangers are good at tracking down their men, put them on it!


Anyone with information on his whereabouts call @STLRCS at 866-371-TIPS. All calls are anonymous!!!



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