Missouri's National Crime Week: Honoring Victims & Advocates

JEFFERSON CITY – This week, Missouri is observing ational Crime Victims’ Rights Week by calling attention to the programs and services that support victims and the state’s continuing efforts to reduce crime.
“The best way to fight crime is to prevent it with the assistance of our law enforcement partners, community groups and organizations that support victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and all crimes,” Department of Public Safety Director Drew Juden said. “Our department is much more than a law enforcement agency. We support crime victims through grants supporting domestic violence shelters, counseling services, and victim advocates. We also provide millions of dollars a year in direct support to crime victims to reimburse them for medical expenses, counseling, and lost wages through the Crime Victims’ Compensation Program.”
Missouri will observe National Crime Victims’ Rights Week on Friday, April 13, with a ceremony at the Capitol. This year's theme – Expand the Circle, Reach All Victims – recognizes the importance of reaching out to all victims to ensure they have access to resources and support. The ceremony will honor crime victims, survivors and efforts the of victim advocates.
On March 1, 2018,Gov. Eric Greitens signed into law House Bill 1246, which aims to combat human trafficking by requiring certain businesses to display posters with information about a national human trafficking hotline and raising awareness of a crime that has been referred to as modern day slavery.
The first piece of legislation to become law during the 2018 legislative session requires airports, passenger train stations, truck stops, bus stations, urgent care centers and certain other businesses to display the anti-human trafficking posters by March 1, 2019. TheDepartment of Public Safety is now developing a poster and a website where it will be possible to download it for printing.


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