The Battle Faced by President Obama, Just for Trying to Make America Great.

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K Gerard Thomas

“I see Americans of every party, every background, every faith who believe that we are stronger together: black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American; young, old; gay, straight; men, women, folks with disabilities, all pledging allegiance under the same proud flag to this big, bold country that we love. That's what I see. That's the America I know.” -- Barrack Obama

After the presidential election of Barrack Obama most Americans were excited about the future, he had a Kennedy appeal to the nation and the world, and his election broke the barrier that a man of color could make it to the White House.  The same White House men of color built and had to be clean for decades.  He had the ideal family -- a wife he adored; and two beautiful, well-behaved daughters and he loved his mother-in-law. The latter for some households are maybe rare.

While some saw his election as a sign of hope, others saw it as a sign of hate and outright disgust. One particular man who claimed to be very wealthy (off of other people’s money) was seething with anger at the election of an N-word to the highest office in the land.

How many good white men have run for office and failed, and now an N is in the White House, so there must have been something wrong with the votes; that N and of course the liberals and the N must have cheated; and if they didn’t, we would say they did and spread that lie across the nation as long as people will believe it.

This particularly alleged billionaire Donald Trump came up with a well thought out scheme that appealed to the heart of the American racist and said President Obama was not qualified because he was born in Kenya, so he is not a real American, and he should resign from office.

This same man questioned the Harvard graduate president as to not going to an Ivy league school and demanded to see his college transcripts and birth certificate and went on national television to lie about alleged investigators he was paying to go to Hawaii to find out if the president was born there in 1961. 

This particularly alleged billionaire made it his mission to attack everything that the former president Obama did, as Lex Luther hated the existence of Superman; so did this particular individual dislike the presence of a black president.

Sadly, he was not alone; there were others working behind the scenes to assure this president failed at every juncture. Men and women from Congress and the Senate worked to ensure any of his gestures toward bipartisanship were ignored, followed by multiple television appearances decrying him for not reaching out to them.

Like Daniel in Lion’s den, former president Obama during his first 100 days in office conducted a sit-down face to face meeting with Republicans only some refused to go to the summit yet he still offered an olive branch to them and he even hired Republicans to work within his cabinet.  Unfortunately, he not only had to contend with angry unmerciful Republicans who did not respect him; he also had members of his party who turned on him.

In their ignorance about racism and the wave of Alt Right thinking that was overtaking the Republican party, the Obama era Democrats and their leadership chose to become the whipping boys and girls of the Sunday morning talk shows and ran from his agenda whenever pressured this continued throughout his presidency.

Even with two years of minimal control of both House and Senate between 2009-2011, he had to fight tooth and nail to get bills passed because the Republican mandate was always to say “NO!” He had to go on the offensive whenever he spoke, and some Republicans didn’t even respect his state of the union addresses.

Whenever Democrats are asked why didn’t they get all of their agendas past during the short two years of time they had control of both House and Senate, they never had a good comeback response. They just cower and blame Obama for being too idealistic.     

Our constitution is unique in that it allows us to make mistakes and eventually correct them, that is why it is a living document. Our presidents should be above reproach and behave like a model citizen that any parent could point too and say I want my child to be like him or her.

President Obama to this day has not been bogged down with any scandals from his administrations that resulted in criminal charges; and that can’t be said by his successor, Donald Trump, who in his desire to destroy President Obama and those who served under him has now become one of the most disliked presidents in American history.

This alleged billionaire Trump is now President of the United States as he was selected by the Electoral College. But he lost the popular vote by 3 million people, and in his continued attacks on former President Obama has proven that his only value to his followers and the Republican Party is his being white, and nothing else matters.


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