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College Track Star Doubles as Porn Peddling Voyeur
St. Charles, MO: A sex-crazed track and field athlete at Lindenwood secretly videotaped his roommate poking a hot female and then molested the woman when she confronted him about it.
Xavier Boland, 24, is charged with invasion of privacy and sexual abuse in connection to the Feb. 18 incident.

The young woman was at Boland’s house on Droste having sex with Boland's roommate. After watching the steamy romp, an aroused Boland slid into the bedroom and woke her up. Not surprisingly, the female yelled at him to get out of the room. The yelling eventually moved to another room of the house.
During the quarrel, Boland told the woman that he recorded her and his roommate banging on numerous occasions. Police say one video was recorded through the blinds from outside.
The women then woke up her bed buddy and yelled at him about the skin flicks. Police said he knew nothing about the videos.
The woman was getting into her car and preparing to leave when Boland threatened to ruin her life by publishing the videos online.
Incensed, the victim ran back inside the home. At that point, Boland grabbed her, pulled off her panties and fondled her. She fought and kicked him, getting away.
Police say a search of his video found other videos of people having sex.



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