My Thoughts and Prayers: Our Nation’s In Peril

Crazed and Enraged Voters

Donald Trumps 2016 campaign was a sign of the pendulum switch by some voters who began to worship a candidate, to the point he said: " If I stood on 5th Ave and shot someone in broad daylight, I would not lose a single vote."...Donald Trump  

Right to Life Protestors Only Care for Unborn Until They Are Born
K Gerard Thomas

Our nation is in peril and that ain’t no joke!  We are facing a time when every day we encounter a breaking news story regarding the fractured state of our government, collusion with an enemy nation, a mass shooting, corrupt politicians, rumblings of a possible nuclear war with North Korea and now a trade war with the world. If prayer and faith have ever been needed it is now but what happens when our faith has been sabotaged deceitful lies.

I chose to vote as a Republican because I was voting based on my so-called Christian values and principals!  Yes, I was a “Values” voter, and I thought I was doing the right thing by voting for the party that “honored God.” I watched Trinity Broadcasting, PTL, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Jimmy Swaggart, James Kennedy, Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, and Fred Price (who was my pastor) just to name a few.

Some of these Christian leaders I’ve met and gone to their conferences, hoping to hear a fresh word from God, looking to their word as manna from heaven. I was addicted to the words they spoke and would quote them often to my friends, I eventually lost some friends because of my fanatical approach to proselytizing them to my faith.

1980 Christianity Based Litmus Begins:  The movement that married “faith” and “politics” was called Washington for Jesus. a rally which took place on April 29, 1980. Thousands of so-called Christians marched to Washington DC Mall to rebuke the nation for excepting Homosexuality, Abortion, Drug Abuse, and allegedly taking prayer out of the classroom.

Reagan easily won over the Evangelicals, who were being wooed to vote for Republican candidates and it worked, every agenda Republicans supported from limited government to marginalized relationships with minorities and Democrats started to spread in the Evangelical circles.

Lobbying against Democrats by Christian organizations and pacts became a full-time job, paying very little attention to their founders’ teachings about love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and compassion they lived in a bubble of discontent and was taken over by hate and fear. 

A Change Is Gonna Come:  Being a believer in the gospel according to Jesus. I thought those who claimed to be his followers were telling me the truth. George W. Bush was going to be the Compassionate Conservative until 9/11, which derailed his original agenda and since some can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Then he became the war monger and chief.

As I have said before the end result of the September 11 attack on our nation; we lost our compassion and turned on each other and we are still feeling the effects today.  

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina opened my eyes, I could not believe what I was seeing, human beings left on the street to die, it was worse than the ‘92 LA Riots, and the excuses made by members of my party for the way the citizens of New Orleans were treated and left to die was unbearable. 

I realized then that the haunting 1967 statement made by the former governor of Illinois Oto Kerner had never been addressed “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white-separate and still unequal” … Kerner Commission on Race in America

I vowed never to vote against my best interest or that of the nation I love. America proved that it was not ready for the change that came after Bush W. Bush. Christian Coalition organized to destroy two people, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, churches were bombarded with flyers and pamphlets against both candidates.

Hillary was enemy number one because she committed the sin of forgiveness and staying with her husband after he had an affair, how often shall your husband be forgiven (Matt 18: 22) Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

Barack Obama committed the sin of being a man who loved one wife and raised his children not to hate, a man who represented his nation and his household without reproach, but because his name was different and his skin color was brown, he is still despised by these so-called followers of Jesus.

The party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Fredrick Douglas does not exist anymore this neither the Evangelicals who honored God more than politics, money, and power this new group has declared war on decency and honor, they have joined forces with evil, to attack law enforcement and other Americans who love their country.

They accept murder, lies, hurtful comments, theft, sexual assault, and they are willing to let a foreign adversary attack our nation from outside and within, they are not true patriots but are fake and as long as they do nothing to help our nation it is time to never support any politician or  ministries that’s complacent in the attack on our nation’s democracy.         

So, the next time our nation has a tragedy these so-called Christian leaders who support evil can put their thoughts and prayers where the sun don’t shine…Bye Felicia!!      


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