The Revolution Begins: The Young Shall Lead

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K Gerard Thomas

Once again, our nation is in mourning because of another senseless mass shooting in the seemingly safe town of Parkland Florida, the shooting took place during the afternoon of February 14, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The suspected shooter, Nikolas Cruz 19, took an Uber ride and was dropped off at the school at 2:19 p.m. Cruz was a former troubled student, who got kicked out and who returned to the campus through the Freshman building.

With malice of thought he activated the fire alarm causing students and staff to exit their classrooms into the hallways and then he began shooting as many as possible with his weapon of war a semi-automatic AR15 assault rifle.

Once the gunshots were heard a code red was enacted and all classes were to lock doors and shelter in place, before all was over seventeen 14 students were killed at the school and 3 adults. Broward County Sheriff's and Coral Springs Sheriffs were on scene and began escorting students off campus. 

Cruz was not caught on campus but was found at the nearby Mc Donald’s after he blended into the crowd of students leaving the campus under law enforcement watch, he was found because of cameras on campus. 

This terrible act of violence once again opened the door to the debate as to how can a so-called civilized nation do nothing to try and curtail or stop these murderous acts.

For decades now survivors of mass gun violence from Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Miami, Las Vegas and their families have tried to urge law makers to pass some form of sensible gun control legislation, and as usual all we hear in the halls of Congress is the sound of crickets but that is about to change.

A Child Shall Lead Them: 

The student survivors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High took their fear and sorrow and turned it into action, they now are determined to expose and vote against any politician who takes campaign donations from the (NRA) National Rifle Association.

What some thought was going to be a local movement just from Florida has now become a national movement that was started by a few teenagers of Parkland, Florida. It’s organic, because it now has thousands of supporters from California to Main.

There is a powerful movement across the nation, where students and their parents are tired of lies that nothing can be done. Some assumed the Gun Lobby is too strong to fight, but after a recent CNN Town Hall in Florida where these students took on the likes of Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) Democrat Bill Nelson (D) and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch. It was clear that they are not afraid. 

These teenagers have figured it out that our nation's elected leaders don't give a damn about passing sensible gun control laws because they are only afraid of angering the National Rifle Association. An organization whose sole purpose is to maintain their wealth by making more guns and ammo.

Supply and demand dictate if the gun lobby can sell more fear between citizens or some outside entity that fear will create a greater demand for their product. NRA and others use the politicians like ventriloquists, uses dummies.

Donald Trump is the best example of a liar! He first made comments that got the press all worked up as if he was going to do something from bump stock bands, mental health, increase age for gun ownership; but as we have now learned by now you can’t believe a damn thing he says.

Right before he was going to go to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump began to quote NRA’s Wayne La Pierre previous speech at CPAC, as if they had the same notes. 

Donald Trump in his ignorance about guns is touting the NRA talking points that teachers should be armed; and they could have easily taken out the shooter! No sane student, teacher or law enforcement representative thinks arming teachers is a good idea. But the NRA likes that idea. Why more guns more money?     

What happens now, is our scared paralyzed politicians and their lazy constituents sit on their butts in front of the television and say, "glad it was not me or any member of my family."

Lastly, the biggest insult of all is the offering of thoughts and prayers for the victims, and that is where it ends because come tomorrow those thoughts will be elsewhere but now these kids are calling BS on the status quo. Good for them. 


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