Love Volume 1

Chelsea Thomas

I remember, when I would go to places that educated me. The La Brea Tar Pits, Forest Lawn, and Griffith Park. What fancied my familiarity from all these places was life. Even when death was upon me in Forest Lawn, its museums would elevate me to a livid love. I incorporated all findings of self through the discussion within myself that is, what is love? Our mothers and fathers or caregivers of some kind are what we rely on for love. In part, we also mimic them. Equally, much of our character has been created from the force of television and other technologies that enlightened our growth as a human being as well. Love however, is a constant struggle to obtain. Uniquely, it may reshape it self and adhere it self to many different facets to life, but it will always be there. Even if you think you do not have it, there will be someone who loves you to some sort of degree. For some it will save their lives, and for others it will kill them. Comparatively, hatred with all of its loathing dedication in this modern world has shifted its tides to the human being on another level.


    We do not know that we hate. We are human beings on a mission to derive its self worth through love, but in actuality it is hatred. When modern non-third world countries take for granted for what they have, that is a form of hatred. Even giving an amount of money to people who have less, can resonate into a form of hatred. This is evident. In most cases the human being tries to become more. Thus, the feeling of their need to give conversely, is not empathy, but sympathy. In addition, when giving through a higher level due to success yet you were drowning from the oppression of poverty at some part of your life, giving to those who were in your situation, can still be hatred. For example, a man starting from the age of 18 to the age of 30 had many goals and aspirations but lived in great adversity and poverty. Nonetheless, some how through dedication of wanting more in his life he grew an obsession. That obsession could be a form of selfishness to gravitate towards the money he wanted in life. Therefore, he attained the desire of being a “money dweller”. When you reach the level of a “ money dweller”, you never want to go back to the previous stage of the poverty stricken life you had before. Moreover, the ideals of creating substance in your life become abstract and relevant towards your own self worth. You do everything according to your successors. Consequently, if you do give to others it is all driven through the selflessness of selfishness. In my final words hatred to love is all life’s equivalencies, yet hatred is heard of but not seen.


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