Sweetie Pie’s Hamburger Heaven – Smokin' & Tasty

 The grand opening of Sweetie Pie’s Hamburger Heaven on the DeBaliviere strip in St. Louis actress Kym Whitley drops in on Miss Robbie Montgomery and drags popular LA actor Wendell James with her  (Photo by MultiMedia PR News ServiceMiss Robbie likes to entertain her customers, during OWN taping.Sister Janice O'Bannon from the North County Sweetie Pie's helps at new CWE venue.Sister Robbie is not above cooking on the grill, as master chef.Niece Michelle Perry, manager of Hamburger Heaven teaching "Bad Boy" Charles Crenchaw, who flew it from Houston Sweetie Pie's to help season burgers.

Hottie LA comedic actress Kim Whitley and actor Wendell James blew into town for their own gig, but they had to stop by the other day to see for themselves, Robbie Montgomery’ latest restaurant venture, “Sweetie Pie’s Hamburger Heaven,” on the old DeValiviere strip in Central Westend section of St. Louis City.

Whitley praised Montgomery’s food, “This is good, you don’t even need salt, or any condiments on this burger,” as Miss Robbie’s face beamed with joyous satisfaction and whispered a few secret methods her staff uses to keep the burgers juicy, after being grilled.

Robbie Montgomery knows how to work a crowd --- kid and be warm and considerate, create menus, cook and, as she ignores about three cameras pointed and hovering over her, as she continues to run her many restaurant enterprises, including her other new ventures -- doing live concert performances and recording albums, this time as the star.

If you are on a Weight Watcher diet forget about getting near, Hamburger Heaven, because you will be overtaken by some of the best comfort food in the St. Louis region.  Besides Aunt Sally’s Banana Pudding; Peach and Pear Cobbler, there’s chili cheese or sweet potato fries with a different twist.

But don’t think you are eating a routine dry hamburger, made-cookie-cutter-style, not at all. The new restaurant which only seats about 35, (mostly depends on to go orders), has main events like cheeseburgers; turkey and lamb burgers, and of course Robbie’s famous fried Pork chops and a steak burger with onions, where you can’t only eat one.

Montgomery didn’t have an easy life. People shut doors in her face, but developer and Fox Theatre owner Leon Strauss discovered an uncut diamond. And her son, Tim Norman now running a Houston Sweetie Pie’s spin-off, and Oprah helped build a national brand with a reality show and a chain of restaurants. But the secret of the Sweetie Pie’s brand is the former Ike Turner backup singer, who is now center staged, and in her late 70s, "Miss Robbie."

Montgomery is also now an executive producer of her long-running “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” on OWN network. Her national award-winning Hollywood TV crew, with 3 cameras and about 10 crew members squeezed into that Hamburger Heaven location with an SRO crowd of hungry customers. Supposedly the episode for the new eatery may be in the fifth or sixth season, as they tape in advance

On grand opening day, Miss Robbie was on the grill with her sister Janice O’Bannon in the prep area. Her nephew Charles Crenshaw, who flew in from Houston to season burgers and cause his traditional troubles on the popular reality show, also worked alongside his mother, Janice. Her niece, a tad dominating when people arrived in the kitchen area, even in an area allowed, Michelle Perry, runs the new restaurant as the manager, daily. 

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