No Vote No Rights to Complain Part 2 - A Divided Nation, Based on Race

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Under the current Donald Trump administration as reported by the Washington Post “Seven in

10 Americans say the nation’s political divisions are at least as big as during the Vietnam War, according to a new poll, which also finds nearly 6 in 10 saying Donald Trump’s presidency is making the U.S. political system more dysfunctional.”


In the University of Maryland survey, the comments regarding the days of the of the Vietnam War, is an understandable point of reference, to those who lived during the Civil War era have all passed away; but the remaining baby boomers who lived during the 1950s and 60s are still alive.    


The Southern Poverty Law Center and other organizations have duly noted based on incidents since Trumps election there have been a serious upswing in verbal and physical racial attacks on African Americans and other nonwhite minorities.


Not seen since the turbulent 1960s has there been such boldness by those who harbored ill will toward African Americans to voice their opinion in the public sphere, they were either afraid or ashamed to do so but those days appear to be over. 


There is a movement that has some Americans worried from the White House to the streets, that laws maybe soon enacted to assure the rights of every citizen are not heard, because that would take compassion; which appears to be missing in our current political atmosphere.  


Yes, Slavery was the Cause of the Civil War.


Missouri was a border state between free and slave, Missouri remained a slave state and was the only state north of the Mason Dixie line to do so during the Civil War.  Missouri was the home of 66 battles of the over 157 in the war, and the first battle fought by a Black regiment was fought in Missouri. 


The history of the Civil War is being distorted by revisionist politicians and sadly some political Christian organizations who want to erase America’s part in chattel slavery from the history books. There are those who refuse to accept the fact that slavery was a horrible practice that will always leave a black mark on our nation’s founding from 1776 until today.


History revisionist bank on the American public’s ignorance of history in order to attack the facts and truth as fake, opinions are not facts. It is the responsibility of the American citizen to take the time to read and study reliable sources of information.  Those who were actually there at the time such as Fredrick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln heard that Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, often romance about the good old south.  


“In the meantime, under the mild and genial climate of the Southern States and the increasing care and attention for the well-being and comfort of the laboring class, dictated alike by interest and humanity, the African slaves had augmented in number from about 600,000, at the date of the adoption of the constitutional compact, to upward of 4,000,000. In moral and social condition, they had been elevated from brutal savages into docile, intelligent, and civilized agricultural laborers, and supplied not only with bodily comforts but with careful religious instruction. Under the supervision of a superior race their labor had been so directed as not only to allow a gradual and marked amelioration of their own condition, but to convert hundreds of thousands of square miles of wilderness into cultivated lands covered with a prosperous people; towns and cities had sprung into existence, and had rapidly increased in wealth and population under the social system of the South; the white population of the Southern slaveholding States had augmented form about 1,250,000 at the date of the adoption of the Constitution to more than 8,500,000 in 1860; and the productions of the South in cotton, rice, sugar, and tobacco, for the full development and continuance of which the labor of African slaves was and is indispensable, had swollen to an amount which formed nearly three-fourths of the exports of the whole United States and had become absolutely necessary to the wants of civilized man.”  


                                                                                                   President Jefferson Davis

                                                                                                 Montgomery April, 29 1861


Editor’s Note:  Mr. Kevin Thomas, is the son of the late founder Ben Thomas and currently publisher of the St. Louis Evening Whirl


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