Prop P, Helps City’s Law and Order, and Safer Neighborhoods

Editorial: St. Louis Evening Whirl

For those who want to decry injustices by area law enforcement, you certainly have right to your opinion. But what continues to climb are more violent crimes, robberies, home break-ins and car jackings, in the urban core, and many of those crimes go unsolved.  The Evening Whirl believes in part, the City doesn’t have enough solidly trained City cops. This is a high-crime climate, and St Louis City really needs 250 more cops.  But Proposition P, on November 7 will give us what we sorely need, at this moment in history, and that’s 100 more police officers.

At the same time, the circuit attorney’s office is slammed with mounds of paperwork, they can’t keep up because they don’t have enough prosecutors, like some of the other municipalities have in Illinois and Missouri.

If many of our City neighbors in North, South, Midtown and Central Westend, who are just plain tired of this circle of dangerous and increasing crime, would come out and vote for Prop P, that could strengthen, the law enforcement operations, especially when Judge Jimmie Edwards becomes the City’s public safety director in November.

We also have reviewed some “whacked” comments by a few progressive politicians, who would rather see lawlessness and disorder reign supreme.  But unlike you, most of them aren’t victims of crime. Prop P, as we understand it, also gives our youth a chance for jobs and job training, etc.  This is at the core of the problem for many.

Dumb comments that Prop P would “only benefit” other parts of town and not in the black neighborhoods, is outrageous.  Who do you think are doing robberies, and rip-offs, in your area, including murders? Some say it’s too many juveniles with nothing to do, who feel that they have been left behind with no future. Prop P is a foot forward for many who need more after-school and summer jobs, etc.

Prop P could give a second chance to many City youth, who want to make a change in their lives. To be fair, those jobs and job training will also be available to young adults, who are already moving up. By the way, more recreation programs and summer and afterschool jobs, are nothing to sneeze at.

Let’s keep our police and firefighters right here in the city, and give them better salaries, so that they are not hijacked to the County. City residents deserve a better quality of life, like everyone else. The Evening Whirl has been fighting crime for almost 80 years, and we staunchly support more cops, more opportunities for our youth and a better staffed operation in the circuit attorney’s office.

For a Safer St. Louis and improving neighborhood safety, we’re endorsing Yes On P – Vote for Proposition on November 7, in St Louis City.



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