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This column appeared first in the March 12, 2012 print edition of the St. Louis Metro Evening Whirl. For this weeks "Between The Sheets" Click Herefor a location near you!





Between The Sheets was created in response to the flood of sex questions the Evening Whirl receives weekly.  This space is not for the uptight or faint of heart–-it’s reserved for frank talk about sex, relationships and living the good life. Each week the Evening Whirl spotlights some of the provocative questions that we’ve received at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
So, for all you freaks in the ‘Lou, this is for you...bring it on. Dr. Feelgood is in the house.




by Dr. Feelgood, Un-noted Sex Therapist




Hey, Dr. Feelgood:

I get nervous before sex and sometimes I have trouble getting or maintaining my erection. Would Viagra help with my performance anxiety?

T.R. in North County



Performance anxiety is an all-too-common, though little discussed, form of erectile dysfunction. Nerves can easily get in the way of a good, strong erection, making sex less pleasurable or completely impossible. Viagra very well may help with this problem. Though it doesn’t increase sexual desire, it should let help you get hard and stay hard even if you are a little bit nervous. In fact, a very small dose, 25mg or even less, should do the trick if you are otherwise healthy. Cut a 100mg pill into quarters or even eighths and see how it goes. After a few confidence-building rounds taking the drug, you’ll probably be able to wean yourself off of it rather quickly. Of course, Viagra is a prescription medication with potential side effects and complications. You should discuss taking the drug with your doctor, especially if you have any health concerns or are taking any other medications. You also shouldn’t mix Viagra with alcohol or other drugs like ecstasy.



Hey, Dr. Feelgood:

A friend of mine said you can tell if a girl is a virgin by the way she walks. Is there actually a way to tell if a girl is a virgin or not by the way she walks?

B.J. in St. Charles






Hey, Dr. Feelgood:

A couple of nights ago my boyfriend and I were in the middle of a “session” and during climax, I got a nosebleed. It’s never happened before so is that something I should be worried about? Also, is it normal to go “numb and deaf” after having an orgasm?

R.G. on the North Side



I’m fairly amazed that you would worry more about a nosebleed than going numb and deaf after an orgasm. Nosebleeds happen and usually mean nothing more than the inside of your nose is very dry. If you regularly had nosebleeds only when you had an orgasm, I would be concerned and would send you to see a doctor, but for a one-time event, I think you can put this out of your mind. But if you regularly go numb and deaf after orgasms, that does sound worrisome.


Numb is a very broad term, plus I’m not a medical doctor, so it’s impossible for me to comment. Deaf sounds serious, but is it for a few seconds or longer? If it’s a matter of a few seconds after a very strong orgasm, that might not be something to be concerned about. However, if the numbness and deafness was something that lasted more than that, I’d go to see a doctor. It might be an indication of something more serious that should be checked out, though I don’t have a clue what that might be and am only suggesting you ask a doctor because I don’t want to say it’s nothing when I could be wrong. 



Hey, Dr. Feelgood:

I’m 18 and am starting to have sex now. When talking with my friends, I was the only one who had a girlfriend with a lot of hair in her bush. It kind of makes me feel weird, and no one else likes it, either. Is it cool for me to tell my girl to shave it? I don’t want to be a jerk.

T.S. on the South Side



No, you wouldn’t be a jerk. A woman not shaving her pubic hair is a complete and total turn-off. If she shaves it off you’ll think it’s more sexy and you’ll be doing any future guys she has sex with a big favor. Thirty years ago this may have been okay, but not now. Tell her that shaving, waxing or using electrolysis are all options.






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Editor’s Note:  Your comments are subject to edits. This column is merely for entertainment purposes and not necessarily based on scientific research. And opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this newspaper.